Dell EcoLoop

Dell EcoLoop This is a spot I conceived and directed for Dell and its soft goods department. The goal was to creatively showcase two aspects of their eco-friendly process: low water usage to create the thread dye, and a PVB plastic recycling process to coat their bags. But it wasn't a technical illustration [...]


The Wingfeather Saga

The Wingfeather Saga Short film I had the opportunity to work on The Wingfeather Saga animated short this year. It was a great project all around: great story, great art, super talented team, etc...  The animated short was funded through a  super successful Kickstarter campaign. There were a core pre-production and directorial team composed of industry veterans. [...]


Fall Anthem

A fun spot I directed for Nickelodeon's fall lineup. We worked closely with Nickelodeon's creative crew to bring this piece to life. Woking from rotoscoped or prerendered 3d, we crafted together this changing of season narrative, moving from one set to another, with the characters generating the change. The difficulty n a spot like this is a that [...]



I had the opportunity to work on the movie "Priceless" this year. Specifically, I was asked to help come up with some designed end credits. The movie's narrative takes place around the theme of human trafficking. Though it's a fictional movie, it was written based on true stories. Needless the say the theme is [...]


Yellow Day

Yellow Day is an independent movie presenting a fictional story that takes pace in a real location, Camp Grace in Mobile, Alabama. The movie alternates between cg imagery and footage. The animation section takes us into a more metaphorical world. I handled a good portion of the cg compositing for the show. We delivered [...]