Project Description


This is a spot brought to us by an add agency for a series of adds for the Tennessee Department of Health. It was a fun process where we were able to go out and source some local voice talents to bring life to the characters. There was a brief moment when we thought we were going to be able to deisgn the characters..only to find out that the client was already pretty much set on the design. We just needed to add some small touches to bring some variations to them, other that the color.

Below is a sort of mood-board with some references to elements I liked when we about to begin designing new characters.

Here’s a render of the Flu character as we were doing LookDev for the shaders on the characters. We were going for something translucent and microbial at the time. Lots of subsurface scattering.


Because of the script we decided to go with the whole youtube/social media influencer type approach. The spots turned out pretty good the message was simple, funny and straight to the point.

We happened to do 2 batches of spots. The first one was in 2018, and was the Flu, HPV and Measles. We recently did a follow campaign with Mumps and Hepatitis. Check out the spots below!