Project Description

Dell MX series

This is a series of spots I producer and directed for the new MX servers released by Dell in 2018. Well, I also did the lighting and compositing on them….not quite the one man shop as I had some great artists help me out in specific areas.
Jackon Miller did an awesome job building the hexagonal sets for me, as well as prepping the beast itself, the MX 7000. Believe me, it was a beast of an asset to prep compared to previous Dell servers we’ve showcased.

The cool thing about this project is that they wanted to tease the server for several spots without revealing too much. That lead to some fun design and fx work to creatively hide the server in the earlier spots.

This project was one where I ended up lighting and rendering everything myself. I’ve done some over the years (in Softimage) but not as much on these higher profile Dell spots…and especially not in Maya. Everything is lit and rendered in Redshift  and comped in Blackmagic Design Fusion.