Project Description

Yellow Day is an independent movie presenting a fictional story that takes pace in a real location, Camp Grace in Mobile, Alabama. The movie alternates between cg imagery and footage. The animation section takes us into a more metaphorical world. I handled a good portion of the cg compositing for the show.

We delivered about 25min of full CG animation, all rendered in Redshift, and for the most part comped in Fusion. By the time animation was done and we got into rendering and comping, we had very little time left on the project. I can’t remember the details because of the lack of sleep at the time, but it seems like it was around 75 shots done in 30 days… and I would say, unfortunately, I did about 90% of the Fusion work. We had a lot of additional after effects, mocha, syntheyes work also done by other artists on the team.

I was also tasked with coming up with a comp solution for integrating fog in the shots. Trying to get through the amount of shots and the deadline being so tight, we relied heavily on Black Magic Fusion to handle the volumetric fog. The story’s metaphorical environments were depicted  by  “day time” and “dark night” . The dark nights were foggy and desolate, so we chose to use Fusion’s volume fog tool and it was great. It was easy to setup several types of fogs and place them where we wanted with the world position pass. Feedback was really fast and I was using a nvidia GTX770.

I have a small writeup and additional images explaining some of it in this thread on  We Suck Less forum.