Project Description

Paw Patrol promos

Nickelodeon contacted Magnetic Dreams to help out on some promotional work for upcoming segments of the franchise Paw Patrol. My kids loved Paw Patrol, so I had to hop onto the project.  I’ve directed three promotional series so far:

  • Mission Paw
  • Sea Patrol
  • Sea Patrol The Next Wave

Sometimes we’re given storyboards, sometimes I do them myself based on the provided script. I usually work with a small team of 3d artists consisting of an asset artist, a lighting artist, and an animator.  I set up the camera layout and handle the compositing. These projects are a lot of work, with quick turnarounds.  The upside is I’ve gotten a little more familiar with Vray, which I knew nothing of going into these projects. I’ve had to light some shots myself when the staff was spread thin.  I’ve also been able to test out the joys and pain of different cloud rendering systems, like Zync and Rebus farm.