Project Description

I had the opportunity to work on the movie “Priceless” this year. Specifically, I was asked to help come up with some designed end credits. The movie’s narrative takes place around the theme of human trafficking. Though it’s a fictional movie, it was written based on true stories. Needless the say the theme is pretty heavy. The director, Ben Smallbone, wanted to end with the song Priceless by for King & Country. There was discussions in trying to find the right tone for the credits. In the end, we felt it was better to keep things lighter and uplifting in the visuals to match the song and end of the movie.

The director liked the idea of broken glass or mirror coming back together, representing the shattered lives that can be mended by God’s grace and love. Though we liked the visual, we thought it might be a little too on the nose. We decided to go with something more minimalist, but still keeping the split image idea. So we’re not dealing with broken glass, but a broken frame, where the words themselves fragment the image.