Project Description

Dell EcoLoop

This is a spot I conceived and directed for Dell and its soft goods department.

The goal was to creatively showcase two aspects of their eco-friendly process: low water usage to create the thread dye, and a PVB plastic recycling process to coat their bags. But it wasn’t a technical illustration of the process that was desired, but the thought behind it; something more poetic.

From a narrative structure point of view, we had a couple of things going on.
First,  we decided to structure the spot into 2 clear sections, one for each process. This allowed for mulitple deliverables for the client. We would end up with a longer spot and two smaller standalone spots.
Secondly, within the spot, we ended up with a particular flow, cutting back and forth between dell’s process and nature shots. The goal was to visually tie the process to its eco-friendly design.

I worked along with some pretty awesome artists to bring this spot to life.
Motion designer Josh Alan and vfx artist Steve Hubbard. I worked along side these guys as director and handled the editing and color grading portion as well.

This is the napkin drawing I had very early into the project, storyboarding out the sequence of shots I was envisioning. These were the first doodles based on the first interactiion with the client. These lead to more flushed out storyboards and an animatic.