Project Description

We worked with ad agency Brand Apart and creative director Blaine Hogan to come up with a fresh new style for Chick-fil-A Red Awards ceremony. After several rounds of research, we settled on what we called the “prismatic” look.

Geometric shapes break the screen up as light leaks creep into the frame. There was also a push to use a gold foil, to bring some texture into the look, and add a little extra color to the spots. ( Typically Chick-Fil-A spots tend to stay really close to red and white.)

Not featured on the page for privacy issues was a  “Winning Operator” design. As the operators came on stage, their picture, name and store would show on screen. That year, there were over 300 operators. Because of the crunch on time, we ended up using scripting capabilities in Fusion to propagate the design to all operators.