Project Description

I had the opportunity to work on the opening titles of Relativity Media’s  Summer Forever. The director Roman White, wanted me to work up something fun, fresh summer and California like. Well, I’ve grew up on the beaches of France…not quite the west coast. But I thought I had an idea of what he wanted.  We had a sound track and a whole lot of footage and photos work with.

Since the theme, was pretty much a summer to remember before these girls went off to college, I thought take it down a photo collection route, with some doodles and such on there.  Color graded everything instagram-ish and it felt like that  something that would fit the age, look and feel of the main characters of the movie. ( disclaimer: I didn’t see the movie before working on the titles.)

Interesting Facts:

During the bulk of the production, I worked on a run time of around 2 minutes or so. ( I can’t remember quite what it was) At the last minute, somewhere up the food chain, it was decided it was way too long and had to be reduced by 50%. Not just shave of a couple of seconds…we’re talking over a minute here! Luckily, the final spot worked pretty well, even sped up as much as it was.