Project Description

For this quick turn-around project for Chick-Fil-A, we were asked to create a camera move through a series of changing environments, starting with a 1960s decor, and moving up through the present day. I got some excellent help with some initial research and concept art by Astrid Riemer, who was able to jump start the project as I was coming off of another project. From her initial art and a lot of research online, I tried to define the different those elements that really represented those decades. One thing you don’t think about it when does this style finish, and when do this one begin. They all all kinda fade from one to another. So our 60s ended up being kind of a late 50s-early 60s modern mid-century style. Then our 70s was the flamboyant 70s with the patterns and shag.  And the 80s….man was that ugly. There are no good references of the 8os living rooms, and I’m sure it’s because they were so bad looking. :)

Because of the deadline, we ended up buying most of the models. I set up the camera move and then started laying out the room. Tim Crowson did an awesome job surfacing all the models and then moved on to lighting and rendering everything.  The main compositing job was done by Don Culwell, and I followed up with some transition work as well as some work on the logo reveal at the end.