Project Description

This is an animated mini-series put out by Marvel Knights Animation ( a Marvel comics animation label) I co-directed it with my good friend Mark Cowart. All animation was done at Magnetic Dreams, here in Nashville. It took us about 6 months to get through the whole thing. I directed,  did production management, and composited on the series.

It was great working with Mark deciding how we would interpret different pages from the comic. Of course there were times when we didn’t see eye to eye, and we were both fighting for the idea we believed in. But it was all for the greater good! Most of the time, one picked up where the other left off.
Compositing was really fun on this one because there were a lot of sets to recreate inside the Loki’s palace. We were constantly rummaging through the comic to find different art to recreate backgrounds. I was mostly in charge of finishing shots, even though I did get some animating in there. I would determine what the overall color treatment would be per scene and try to keep things consistent. We had many compositors working on Loki, so discrepancies occur sometimes and you try to fix things and unify the look.

The end products turned out really well and seems to have been overall well accepted by audience and critics. It’s available on iTunes, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Zune.

Additional links:

  • For those who want a little more info, you can catch a Marvel podcast I participated alongside Ruwan Jayatilleke, Mike Halsey and Mark Cowart. Marvel Podcast
  • 3DVF has a brief presentation: 3DVF Article
  • Magnetic Dreams also produced three Behind the Scenes video explaining the creative process: Part1  Part2  Part3
  • Marvel article after the first episode came out: Marvel Article

Interesting Fact:

The project started 2 weeks before my son was born. He spent many nights with me at the studio…for some reason he would sleep longer there than at the house. If you watch the credits closely you’ll see his name there!