Fall Anthem


A fun spot I directed for Nickelodeon's fall lineup. We worked closely with Nickelodeon's creative crew to bring this piece to life. Woking from rotoscoped or prerendered 3d, we crafted together this changing of season narrative, moving from one set to another, with the characters generating the change. The difficulty n a spot like this is a that [...]

Paw Patrol


Nickelodeon contacted Magnetic Dreams to help out on some promotional work for upcoming segments of the franchise Paw Patrol. My kids loved Paw Patrol, so I had to hop onto the project.  I've directed three promotional series so far: Mission Paw Sea Patrol Sea Patrol The Next Wave Sometimes we're given storyboards, sometimes I [...]


I had the opportunity to work on the movie "Priceless" this year. Specifically, I was asked to help come up with some designed end credits. The movie's narrative takes place around the theme of human trafficking. Though it's a fictional movie, it was written based on true stories. Needless the say the theme is [...]

Dell IDrac Quicksync

Spot I directed for Dell that shows off some of the new technology found in the 13th generation Dell servers. Great work from Wenie Rahardja on the shattering fx side (done in softimage), as well as Tim Crowson on the lighting and rendering. http://www.joelgibbs.fr/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Ravage_0004_Layer-1.jpg http://www.joelgibbs.fr/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Ravage_0003_Layer-2.jpg http://www.joelgibbs.fr/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Ravage_0002_Layer-3.jpg [...]

Yellow Day

Yellow Day is an independent movie presenting a fictional story that takes pace in a real location, Camp Grace in Mobile, Alabama. The movie alternates between cg imagery and footage. The animation section takes us into a more metaphorical world. I handled a good portion of the cg compositing for the show. [...]

Gershwin at One Symphony Place


Show open for a documentary/sympony performance that aired on PBS back in 2008. Everything animated in After Effects. A considerable amount of the work was researching all the photos from the beginning of the 20th century that I could have rights to. The idea was to retrace metaphorically Gershwin's life through the different places he [...]